FLOW makes sense – for the sake of the environment.

Do you actually know how sustainable you are when you take a break with a FLOW drinking bottle? Up to 46 times more sustainable than with PET bottles! That is the finding of our sustainability report produced by myclimate. As such, every drink break helps to protect the environment.

The sustainability of FLOW in black and white.

As part of our cooperation with the climate protection foundation myclimate, we regularly commission assessments in order to establish the size of our carbon footprint. In the latest study, we have specifically calculated the sustainability of FLOW compared to conventional PET bottles.

To do this, the use of a FLOW drinking bottle is weighed up against the consumption of PET drinks bottles over a period of five years. Spoiler alert! Both in terms of carbon emissions and the overall impact on the environment, the FLOW drinking bottle performed considerably better.

Fewer carbon emissions

Imagine you use a FLOW drinking bottle every day instead of a conventional PET bottle – for a period of five years. How much would this reduce the amount of CO2 that ended up in the environment?

Instead of 1,825 PET bottles, you would need just one single FLOW drinking bottle. This would produce just 4.62 kg of CO2e compared to a good 250 kg of CO2e if you were using PET bottles.

If used twice a day, the number of PET bottles consumed rises to 3,650 and the greenhouse gas emissions climb to over 500 kg of CO2e compared to just 8.68 kg of CO2e when using FLOW, because only one single bottle is needed here.

Smaller environmental impact

Calculating a product’s specific environmental performance is an extremely complex matter, which involves multiplying the amount of environmental influences (harmful substances, resources) by the relevant eco-factors. And here, too, the FLOW drinking bottle performs exceedingly well.

When used once a day over a period of five years, 25,250 EIPs (Environmental Impact Points) were calculated for the FLOW reusable drinking bottle. The figure for a disposable PET drinks bottle used once daily is 523,567 EIPs.

If you use the FLOW drinking bottle twice a day over a period of five years, this will generate almost 48,350 EIPs compared to 765,007 EIPs when using PET drinks bottles.

FLOW – up to 46 times more sustainable

In a nutshell, using the FLOW drinking bottle again and again and again is up to 46 times more environmentally friendly than using conventional disposable PET drinks bottles – even when washed regularly in the dishwasher. We will talk another time about the money you save over the course of five years.

It is never too early or too late to take sustainable drink breaks. Get your FLOW drinking bottle now in the shop.


  • Swiss-made
  • Carbon-neutral
  • BPA-free
  • 600 ml (Tritan)
    540 ml (glass)
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