The FLOW drinking bottle embodies sustainability in its most beautiful form.

Our entire sustainable aspirations have gone into creating the FLOW drinking bottle. It is made of high-quality Tritan™, which is especially robust and durable in its clarity. And durable also means sustainable. What’s more, the FLOW drinking bottle is made almost entirely in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy.

Intelligent material

When choosing the materials for the FLOW drinking bottle, we consciously opted for those that are durable, robust, high quality, environmentally friendly and harmless to health. The FLOW drinking bottle is available in a choice of Tritan™ or glass. Tritan™ is unbreakable and easy to care for– perfect attributes for a long-lasting drinking bottle. At the same time, Tritan™ contains no harmful additives such as BPA or plasticiser. You won’t find such things in the glass version of the FLOW drinking bottle anyway. Glass possesses its own unique elegance and is very sustainable when transported over short distances and used for a long time. Whether made of Tritan™ or glass, the FLOW drinking bottle can be used again and again if it is well looked after. And that makes it so valuable to the environment because every time you fill up your FLOW drinking bottle, you are making sure that one less disposable bottle is used, thereby helping to reduce waste.

The lid

The beech wood from which the lid of the FLOW drinking bottle is made by hand, comes from local forests. Foresters and farmers from the region supply the turnery with the valuable raw material, which is used to make every FLOW lid in several careful stages at a traditional turnery in the Thurgau region.

Regional beech forests are the source of the wood used for the FLOW lid.
The FLOW lid – handmade in Switzerland using regionally sourced beech.

Short journeys

Keep it short, keep it simple. This maxim especially applies to the production and sale of our FLOW drinking bottle. The shorter the journey, the smaller the carbon footprint and the greater the sustainability. Admittedly, we import the Tritan™ used to make the FLOW drinking bottle from the USA, but the raw material arrives at our plant in Grüningen ready to be used for production. In other words, the raw material has already undergone all production stages and no longer has to be transported for processing. On the other hand, the lids are made just around the corner. Overall, our production processes ensure that the FLOW drinking bottle’s journey to you is as short and environmentally friendly as possible.

Clean energy

Before you can top up your energy levels from the FLOW water bottle, it takes energy to produce the bottles. But not just any old energy. FLOW drinking bottles are made solely using renewable energy. The electricity for our production plants is wholly generated from hydropower. And our turnery makes the lid using electricity from its own solar collectors – which it also uses to supply its neighbours with electricity. In addition, we cut electricity consumption by 30% thanks to new and more energy-efficient machines. We also heat our production halls with waste heat from the machines, feed production waste back into the internal material cycle, and recycle our scrap material by sending it elsewhere to be made into other products, such as wastewater pipes.

In flow with the future

We care a great deal about sustainability and using resources carefully and efficiently. That is why we as a company are committed to creating a positive environmental footprint. We examine our sustainability potential using a CO2 assessment, work actively with the myclimate foundation and support Swiss projects that promote the use of biomass. One such project is in the Jura region, where a forest is being left to regrow in a controlled manner in order to restore the original biodiversity – so that the forest can once again be a more natural forest. Just like the FLOW drinking bottle simply wants to be a drinking bottle.

Good for nature. Each bottle that is sold supports a Swiss myclimate project.


  • Swiss-made
  • Carbon-neutral
  • BPA-free
  • 600 ml (Tritan)
    540 ml (glass)
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