The FLOW drinking bottle embodies purism in its most beautiful form.

Everything about the FLOW drinking bottle exudes high-quality purism, from the beautifully shaped bottle made of durable Tritan™ to the hand-turned lid made of untreated beech. Clear lines for stylish drinking pleasure.


Before we tell you a little more about the design of the FLOW drinking bottle, let us briefly learn something about the word «design». Design is a word that has its roots in Latin. It refers to the appropriate and functional styling of an object and thus the achieved form. However, design also embraces the creator’s approach to the function of an object and how the user interacts with it. Clearly, the saying «form follows function» couldn’t be more apt here.

The FLOW drinking bottle – design and functionality with the makings of a style icon.


The world in which we live has never been as fast-living as it is nowadays. Something that is hip and modern today may be out of fashion tomorrow, necessitating a complex and costly disposal process. That is why it was all the more important for us to create a design for the FLOW drinking bottle that outlives fleeting trends and is hype-resistant, so to speak. A design that has the makings of a timeless style icon. With simple lines, the slightly conical shape and the fascinating material mix, the FLOW drinking bottle shows off its best side from every angle. And it will give you a great deal of pleasure for a long time to come.


We now know that design considers both form and function. The design of the FLOW drinking bottle very much takes both aspects into account. In an age full of distractions, full of complex gadgets and applications, we barely have the opportunity to be ourselves and live in the moment. This is where the total simplicity of the FLOW drinking provides a welcome break from the excesses of everyday living. It embodies the perfect balance of form and function. Simply drink. Simply refresh. Simply be.

The FLOW lids combine style and high-quality materials.


In terms of its design, the fact that the FLOW drinking bottle wants nothing more than to be a drinking bottle makes it all the more endearing. It doesn’t want to remind you via an app how much you have drunk, when you have drunk it and when you must take another drink. It doesn’t want to serve as a stand for cloud photography in addition to being a bottle. Even though it could, its function is restricted to the essentials: keeping liquid inside, remaining absolutely watertight, not breaking, and inspiring you to take a break.


  • Swiss-made
  • Carbon-neutral
  • BPA-free
  • 600 ml (Tritan)
    540 ml (glass)
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